Tuesday, December 27, 2016

What to do if Losing Weight is your New Year's Resolution

Choose a new one as quickly as possible! Bet you were not expecting that advise. You are going to be bombarded with crazy quick weight loss solutions in the following days. Each one more magnificent than the other. It is the same old song and dance every year. In fact, that those are great resolutions ... learn a new song and dance more often!😁

Seriously, how many times have you made weight loss your resolution for the new year? Dozens? The 60 billion dollar per year weight loss industry wants you to believe that losing weight will cure all of your ills, eliminate any sadness in your life and perhaps make you a millionaire! Fixating on weight loss is a sure way to make your life miserable and actually, more than likely, cause you to gain weight. 

I encourage you to focus on real quality of life issues. Enjoy the food you eat. Find some movement that makes you happy. Appreciate the body you have and make every effort to nurture your body, mind and soul. Embarking on a new year should fill you with hope, joy, expectation, and some excitement. Not the dread, anguish and suffering that comes from dieting.

Dieting is not a benign activity. Many negative consequences can arise from restricting your dietary intake. The most dangerous being an eating disorder. I want to emphasize that dieting/dietary restriction is often the first domino that falls in the development of all eating disorders. Disorders that kill 20 to 30% pf those afflicted and rob suffers of so very much in life. I know that no one who starts a diet every imagines that they could be one of those whose brains get kidnapped by an eating disorder. Don't gamble with your life. It could be you.

Wishing all of you a year blessed by God and full of LIFE!