Saturday, July 22, 2017

"Dieting, Eating Disorders and the Battle for YOUR Mind!

Mind control. Yep. That is what happens when you diet or develop an eating disorder (ED). You become convinced that you are "taking control" when in reality your mind is being hijacked. There are rules that bind you. If you happen to even bend one of those rules, guilt and shame envelop you and you sink into the mire of the "all or nothing" thinking. Good. Bad. All or nothing. Your mind is no longer your own. I encourage you to battle for the recovery of your peace of mind, body and soul.

These are just of the few crazy, mind hijacking "rules" that have been promoted in the media over the last few weeks:
  • "30 Worst Foods for Your Heart"  - Really? Based on whose research? 
  • "Sleep on the Floor While Following the Paleo Diet to Improve Results" Just go live in a cave and go all the way. No telling what will happen!? 
  • "New Diet Turned Her into a Whole New Person" I can only imagine. 
  • "Foods "Nutritionists" Never Eat!" I'll just say I must not be a "nutritionist". 
  • "Foods that Damage Your Metabolism the Moment You Eat Them!" Not the next day. The very moment! Wow! Such fabrication. Pure lies.  
  • "6 Foods to Give Up to Get Rid of Your GUT!" Talk about fake news.
I could list more. I know each one of you could list a dozen of your own. Don't be lured by false promises, damaging information and all of the trickery involved in the battle for YOUR mind. Take back control. Be your own coach. Rebel against ED and the diet industry. It is a battle well worth fighting. There is nothing like peace of mind. That is when you are really in control.

Wishing you balance ... which is control in action!

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