Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Spring Break Diet

The chatter in my office of late has been about needing to lose weight for Spring Break! Dieting to "look good" in a swimsuit is a yearly ritual that many embark on each spring. Even my clients who are aware that dieting would just magnify their struggle to escape eating disorders and disordered eating are tempted to participate in this cultural phenomenon. If you ever wanted to feel like a social outcast, try taking a stand against dieting when you are in a room of sorority sisters, a ladies Bible study or a hair salon! You have this sense that you suddenly grew an extra head on your shoulders. It takes a brave woman to "just say no!"

What are you going to do to ditch dieting for Spring Break?


  1. im spending time in frigid cleveland with my family instead of on a cruise with friends! for now thats the better choice for my recovery

  2. I tried this over the weekend. It was a bit uncomfortable, since our culture embraces body dissatisfaction and controlling our bodies through food and exercise. But, I'm glad I stood up for what I know is the healthful choice.

  3. My workmates made their own "Biggest Loser" game, complete with money prizes and a scale in the boss's office and everything. They did not like/understand that I decided to "opt out." It's not my business what they think of that, though, thankfully!