Monday, July 13, 2009

"I've Been Bad"

How many times have you heard someone say "I was so bad last night" when talking about what they ate for dinner? Where does that come from? Food is not a legal or moral issue, yet the diet industry has told us otherwise! Worse yet, we have believed that lie. It is time to challenge that diet attitude that often leads to being trapped in the "all or nothing" cycle of dietary restriction, binge or compulsive eating and then restricting food again. Challenge yourself to remove the words "good" and "bad" from your vocabulary when speaking about food. You will find it harder than you might imagine. But, oh so freeing!


  1. Having been in recovery from an eating disorder over two years now, I've made the conscious effort to take out phrases like "good food", "bad food", "diet", etc. It almost hurts to hear friends and family talk like that now. Sometimes it's hard to remember that no food is "bad", but I know in my head that getting that idea out of my head is essential for recovery.

  2. I am with Whitney: it is "painful" to hear others talking about what they have just eaten, as a moral reflection on themselves.
    I have been binge-eating for decades and it does "hurt", and trigger, when people say "I was good at lunch" (when they restricted their eating) or "I was so bad - I ate such and such". How did food and eating become metaphors for Our Own Self- Worth?> ~~Recovery means, in many ways, seeing food and eating as essential nourishment for our bodies, and yes (!), as a pleasurable thing. I feel so trapped in this.....Sloan, can you talk more about this subject? Thanks!

  3. Getting out of a disordered eating cycle of restriction/bingeing takes time and effort. Most need a team of at least a dietitan who understands eating disorders and another therapist. Eating disorders/disordered eating are never JUST about food, eating or weight. There are some additional resources found @