Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Scale "god"

I noticed in the July14, 2009 issue of Tennessean newspaper that the "Shopping Diva" highlighted a super accurate scale that "may make the weekly weigh-in easier"!? The diet industry has lead us to be live that those 3 magic numbers on that hunk of metal is wherein lies our self-worth. The scale is "a" barometer of health, but certainly not a great one. That is it. Nothing more. Many of my clients have bowed down to "the scale god" everyday, multiple times per day in order to determine everything from whether they will go out with friends, to whether they are worthy of consuming the next meal. These are perfectly intelligent, successful, kind and lovely human beings allowing on this inanimate object to rule their lives. If weighing oneself could irradiate obesity, I am quite sure we would not be the fattest nation on earth.
Challene the diet mentality that keeps you in bondage. You are more than a number. Pursue a healthy (not perfect) relatonship with food, eating and activity. You won't need a number to tell you when you have arrived at the "middle ground". I think you will love the location!

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  1. It's been two and a half years since I last weighed myself--which is a huge improvement over weighing almost daily, as I was before. My dietitians and doctors and parents ahve weighed me, but I always ask to be weighed backwards and for them not to tell me the number. It's a lot easier to keep on track with my recovery this way, and these are people I can trust to tell me whether I'm in a healthy range or not. I'm still tempted occasionally, but I know myself, and I know I have the tendency to become obsessed with that number on the scale. I'm MUCH happier not knowing--I have WAY more important things to focus on!